Multifunction Printers Protect Your Data

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Multifunction printers are good for a lot of things--saving money, cutting waste, streamlining your workflow--but did you know that they're also specially designed to protect your data? Here are just a few of the ways a multifunction printer can help boost your security!

Protective Printers

By now, you've probably heard a lot about multifunction printers. They combine print, fax, copy, and scan capabilities, and in doing so, they cut down on energy usage and help save you money on consumables, all while making your workflow more efficient--but that's not all they do. While they're working hard to get your print jobs done with speed and professionalism, multifunction printers are also protecting your data.

Not convinced that a printer could do such an important job? Here's the proof.

Multifunction printers can encrypt data.

Although it's not easy to guarantee the safety of your information as it travels to and from the printer, multifunction devices can encrypt data. This is a fast and painless solution that will save you all kinds of trouble.

Multifunction printers can be carefully managed.

Unlike other devices, multifunction printers were designed to be managed with ease and confidence. With plenty of options like password protection and user authentication, these machines work hard to keep your data in the right hands.

Multifunction printers can periodically clear data.

Did you know that a lot of what you print can remain on your printer's hard drive? Multifunction devices have overcome this weakness by allowing for periodical "cleanses" that delete all data. That way, you can always rest assured that you know exactly where your sensitive information is being kept--and where it isn't.

Multifunction printers protect your data, but they can do a whole lot more for your company, too. For help choosing the perfect machine, contact us today!