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What Health Care Organizations Need from Documents

Hospital staff and health care workers face a variety of challenges when it comes to documents and information. They need to produce, process, locate and send out a huge amount of documents everyday. At the same time, health care workers must meet strict Federal regulations regarding patient confidentiality.

How Bay Copy Helps

Bay Copy has several resources to help health care organizations handle information better.

Our Managed Print Services include solutions for security, which allow you to prevent unauthorized access to your sensitive documents. We give you the ability to meet compliance for HIPAA and HIT regulations with far greater ease. You’ll be able to fine-tune workflows, serve patients better and possibly qualify for incentives under the HITECH act.

On top of that, MPS can give you an assessment of your workplace’s printing needs and expenses with print accounting. We can help you uncover and reduce hidden costs. You’ll gain the ability to promote a greater sense of accountability and take control of your budget.

MPS can also help you track activity on your printers with remote monitoring. You can see who prints what, creating opportunities for greater efficiency and security. At the same time, you can manage your overhead better.

Also, Bay Copy’s multifunction systems and other equipment let you complete more tasks in shorter time. You can print, scan and electronically distribute documents with maximum efficiency. Our devices help optimize your processes and let you concentrate on more critical tasks.

Other Industries

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