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Document Problems of Non-Profit Organizations

For non-profit organizations, managing information effectively is a high priority.

On the one hand, you’ll need to produce and distribute documents on a regular basis. These documents could include:

  • Reports
  • Flyers
  • Newsletters

On the other hand, non-profits need to keep meticulous records to qualify for 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. This can present a number of challenges, including storage space and easy information retrieval. And above all else, non-profits need to keep their operating expenses as low as possible.

How Bay Copy Helps

Bay Copy has products and services to help non-profits manage their costs and their documents better. Our copiers and multifunction systems can print on a variety of media, enabling you to produce a broader range of documents in-house. Fast start-up and print speeds deliver the prints you need with minimal time wasted.

With our available equipment, you can also scan files directly to email, network folders or other locations. You’ll know that you can:

  • Find information when you need it
  • Reduce physical storage costs
  • Distribute your documents with maximum efficiency

Also, Bay Copy’s Managed Print Services help you spot and eliminate wasteful printing practices. You’ll be able to keep your costs low while increasing productivity. Best of all, we can work with you to ensure compliance with IRS, HIPPA and any other regulations you may face. MPS covers:

  • Print Accounting, which gives you accurate, actionable information on your printing activity and related costs.
  • Remote Monitoring, which allows you to keep track of your machine’s supply levels. Whenever you run low, you can have refills sent to you quickly.
  • Security, which gives you a centralized repository for your important documents. You’ll be able to guard against theft, loss and disasters. Finding and distributing information when you need it becomes inexpensive and effortless.

Other Industries

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