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Control Costs with Print Accounting

Far too often, organizations don’t consider how much their printing costs them. A recent study by the Gartner Group found that companies spend an average of 1-3% on printing. That percentage can equal thousands of dollars. When you can’t keep track of your printing activity, those expenses can get up much higher than necessary.

Print accounting from Bay Copy gives you the ability to rein in waste and keep your costs under control. You’ll be able to understand and influence how people in your workplace use your machines.

Benefits of Print Accounting

Print accounting gives you several strong benefits. They include:

Accurate Printing Cost Details

You’ll get precise information on your printing expenses. You can track those expenses by user, department and location.

Waste-Reducing Opportunities

Once you've implemented a way to track your printing, you can use that information to eliminate inefficiencies and reduce waste.

Predictable Monthly Expenses

Most businesses find they can save a good bit of cash by implementing print accounting, but at the very least, you’ll be better able to forecast your print overhead, which is a valuable benefit by itself.

Increased Accountability

The information that print accounting provides will give you opportunities to foster a greater sense of responsibility in your workplace.

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