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Information Challenges in the Insurance Industry

People in the industry need to deal with a tremendous amount of information on a daily basis. The documents that they may process or access include:

  • Policy Applications
  • Insurance Claims
  • Policyholder Records
  • Payment Information

Organizing all of these records can prove extremely challenging. It can be hard to keep this information both secure and easily accessible. If you can’t find the right information quickly, you can’t get tasks done. If you don’t keep watch over who accesses your documents, you could leave yourself vulnerable to theft, which can have legal consequences as well as a negative impact on your reputation.

How Bay Copy Helps

Bay Copy enables you to make your information both more secure and more accessible. With our copiers and multifunction systems, you can quickly scan your documents, send them out via fax or email and store them on your network. You’ll gain the ability to minimize your processing and administration expenses and make your workflows much more efficient.

Also, our Managed Print Services give you even greater control over your information and workflows. We offer:

  • A Remote Monitoring solution that helps you track activity on your printers. You can see who uses your devices and which documents they print. You’ll also be able to check the supply levels of your printers and restock with minimal inconvenience.
  • A Security solution that gives your documents a secure, centralized digital repository. When or if a fire or some other catastrophe hits your office, you’ll know that you can recover your important files and get back to business. On top of that, we can show you how to protect your printers and network from intrusions, allowing you to comply with state and federal regulations easier.

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