Local Dispatched

Repairman working on Multifunction Printers in Quincy MA

Your Trusted Printer Service Vendor

When you need help with your office’s equipment, you want someone you can trust:

  • You want a service provider that’s familiar with your type of hardware.
  • You want fast, effective resolution for your device issues
  • You want courteous, personal interactions

Bay Copy can give you all of the above. With our Local Dispatched Service, you deal with technology experts from your own area. Thanks to our skills and our deep ties to this community, we can ensure that your problems get fixed quickly.

Advantages of Bay Copy’s Local Dispatched Service

Bay Copy has served customers in Southeastern Massachusetts since 1972. How have we managed to stay in business for so long? By understanding our clients.

Our company started as a family-owned business with local roots. That gives us a particular edge when it comes to repairs and services. We combine technical expertise with the knowledge of how people in our region like to be treated. Also, our all-local resources enable us to guarantee a fast response time on all service calls.

Managed Print Services

With Bay Copy’s Managed Print Services, you can prevent problems from arising with your printer fleet. You can optimize your workflows, track your costs with amazing accuracy and do much more. For more information, go to the following pages:

Print Accounting

Remote Monitoring


To discuss how our Local Dispatched Service can keep things running smoothly in your office, contact us!