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Digital Solutions for Several Industries

Bay Copy has been the region's area’s #1 digital solutions provider for more than 45 years. We’ve accomplished this by understanding our clients’ specific needs and meeting them time after time.

Depending on the industries they’re in, businesses can face different demands regarding documents. Bay Copy’s team has the experience and know-how to zero in on what you’ll need to get more work done everyday. For more details, check out these pages:

Health Care

Learn how we can help hospitals and other health care clients function better. You can produce and share information faster. At the same time, you’ll gain the ability to meet HIPAA compliance and other standards for records organization and security.

Banks & Credit Unions

Learn how clients involved in banking and finance can benefit from our products and services. You can track usage on your office’s printers for greater efficiency and document security. Also, our multifunction systems enable you to produce, scan and route documents from a single device.

Lawyers and other legal professionals have been able to work better thanks to us. Clients have used our products, services and solutions to optimize workflows, manage costs better and protect their sensitive information. Learn more here.


Learn how we help customers who work in insurance manage their information. Our products and services have helped companies streamline their processes; they can now produce, access and distribute documents faster while protecting them more reliably.


Non-profits need to operate as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Bay Copy helps them do just that. We’ve helped enhance their in-house printing capabilities and uncover hidden expenses in their processes. This enables them to operate more cost-effectively and foster a greater sense of responsibility among employees.

To discuss how our products, services and solutions can benefit your industry, contact us!

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