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Banks & Credit Unions’ Document Challenges

To stay successful, banks and credit unions need to manage information properly. Relying on paper documents can hamper efficiency and also create problems involving storage space.

To make matters worse, they leave bankers and other financial workers vulnerable to information loss or theft, which can prove disastrous. If confidential information falls into the wrong hands, a bank can have its reputation tarnished and face legal penalties.

How Bay Copy Helps

Bay Copy makes it easy for banks and credit unions to organize and protect their information.

Our copiers and multifunction systems let you scan documents to a variety of digital formats. You can distribute your electronic files or save them on your network quickly and securely. You can also print documents faster and more cost-effectively. With our devices, you can improve your workflows and your budget.

Our Managed Print Services includes a solution for remote monitoring, which enable you to keep track of your supply levels and device usage. You can ensure that your supplies get restocked when you run low. At the same time, you can make sure that users aren’t engaging in inappropriate or unauthorized activity. We can help you instill a greater standard of accountability in your office.

MPS from Bay Copy also gives you a solution for security, which allows you to track usage on your devices and ensure that only authorized personnel can access to your devices and documents. We can show you how to leverage features on your copiers and multifunction systems to prevent sensitive documents from falling into the wrong hands either through theft or simple carelessness.

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