Technology Audit

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Understand and Optimize Your Organization's Printer Fleet

To realize your company's full potential, you need more than good equipment. You also need to assess how to use that equipment effectively and responsibly. That's why Bay Copy offers a Technology Audit: By examining how use your printers, copiers and other systems, we can help you:

  • Discover the true costs of your workplace's processes
  • Uncover potential issues regarding waste and document security
  • Find ways to streamline your workflows

Benefits of Bay Copy's Technology Audit

By signing up for Bay Copy's Technology Audit, you gain:

Insights into Usage on Specific Devices

We can give you extremely valuable details on:

  • Who's using your printers
  • Which documents are being printed
  • How many documents are printed

Info on Overutilized/Underutilized Devices

You'll be able to see which pieces of equipment are being used most and least. From there, you can start thinking about removing redundant devices or consoldiating your hardware.

Awareness of Security Vulnerabilities

When you work in industries like health care and law, keeping information secure is a top priority. If your records and other documents fall into the wrong hands, it can ruin your business. Our Technology Audit can show you where you might be at risk for system breaches and information theft.

Opportunities for Improvement

After we give you the findings of our Technology Audit, we can make recommendations on how to take control of your equipment and processes:

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