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Lawyers and other legal professionals have been able to work better thanks to us. Our clients need to handle high volumes of documents each business day. These can include:

  • Court Records
  • Billing Records
  • Bills of Sale
  • Receipts
  • License Agreements

Dealing with these documents can create headaches over storage and printing expenses. An even bigger problem is the potential for losing important information due to negligence or theft. If you’re not careful, you can end up losing clients and revenue as well as face legal consequences.

How Bay Copy Helps

Bay Copy can help take the complications out of handling documents. Our network printers let you produce clean, error-free documents in less time and with less power. Many of our devices are Energy Star-certified, which indicates both their superior productivity and energy-efficiency. You can tighten up your processes and manage your budget better at the same time.

Our multifunction systems can increase your productivity even further. In addition to fast, high-quality printing, these devices also give you the ability to scan documents to a wide range of electronic formats and locations. You’ll be able to improve your EDD, e-filing and other workflows.

In addition to our hardware, Bay Copy offers Managed Print Services to help you optimize your document processes. Our comprehensive services cover:

  • Print Accounting: You can receive reliable, specific information on your printing expenses. Larger offices can benefit from options for tracking costs by users and departments. You can find ways to reduce those costs and forecast your monthly expenses with greater accuracy.
  • Remote Monitoring: You can see who’s using your office’s printers and what they’re printing. This enables you to stop excessive or potentially compromising usage.
  • Security: Bay Copy can give you a safe place to store your digital documents in case of a disaster. We can protect your data from online threats as well. Not only that, our solution makes it easy to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley and other standards.

Other Industries

To learn how Bay Copy’s solutions can work for other industries, check out the following pages:

Health Care

Banks & Credit Unions



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