Remote Monitoring

Data from the printers remotely monitored

Regulate Printer Activity with Remote Monitoring

To keep productivity high in your workplace, you need the ability to observe how it’s functioning. When your printing supplies are running low, it’s good to know it and restock ahead of time. You also need to make sure people aren’t wasting your resources or printing more than is absolutely necessary.

However, companies can run into a paradox when trying to monitor activities and supply levels: The more time and in-house manpower you devote to these duties, the less you’ll have for more profit-driving tasks.

Bay Copy can help you stay focused on your core processes. Remote monitoring solution makes it effortless for you to see what’s happening on your network.

Benefits of Remote Monitoring

Bay Copy’s remote monitoring solution gives you the ability to:

  • Spot low supply levels and equipment issues
  • Control user activity on your devices
  • See which documents get printed on your machines

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