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Protect Your Information with Bay Copy’s Security Solution

As companies incorporate digital documents and wireless connectivity into their processes, concerns about information security inevitably arise. The benefits of moving to electronic files are many:

  • They allow you to retain information more reliably
  • They make it easier to retrieve critical documents and data quickly
  • They’re far easier to distribute and allow you to process information and collaborate better

However, going digital can also leave you vulnerable to online threats. If thieves or unauthorized users can access your networked devices and documents, it can create severe problems for your business:

  • You can lose the trust of your clients
  • Your profits can go down
  • You can fail to meet compliance standards, which could have legal consequences

Bay Copy can help you manage your printed and digital documents effectively. Our security solution allows you to keep your sensitive information protected. You can prevent unauthorized access to your files with no loss of productivity or operational efficiency.

At the same time, Bay Copy’s team of experts can show you how to improve the security of your office’s equipment. You’ll learn how to use the features on your copiers and multifunction systems to prevent unauthorized access, regardless of whether it’s unintentional or malicious.

Benefits of Bay Copy’s Security Solution

Bay Copy’s security solution comes with numerous benefits. They include:

Protection for Your Digital Documents

Our solution gives your business:

  • A secure database for all of your files
  • Reliable backup for your important records in case of a disaster
  • Easier compliance with internal and industry regulations
  • Improved interaction between coworkers and clients
  • Easier access to your information

Greater Security for Your Printers

Bay Copy’s expert team can show you how to take advantage of your printers’ security capabilities. These could include:

  • Encrypted PDF
  • Automatic overwriting of documents
  • ID card authentication
  • IP filtering

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To discuss how our Security solution can help you protect your company’s information, contact us!