Do you know what your actual printing costs are?

Buyers’ Laboratory reports that as many as 90% of companies fail to track printing costs. Is your business one of them? There are estimates that the average employee is responsible for the generation of 10,000 printed copies per year, and within that figure there are often wasted sheets of paper. The first step toward getting control of the printing costs of your organization is to know what you are spending and where the waste is.

Avoid unpleasant surprises!

Some of the benefits of an MPS (Managed Print Services) program in your organization include reducing per page costs, energy consumption, and how much toner you use – not to mention having a partner who can take care of automatically refilling these orders so that there are no surprises about running out of materials or equipment breakdowns.

Are you using IT professionals to fix your copiers and printers?

Are you spending too much to keep your office’s printing environment operating efficiently? Many businesses find themselves in that unfortunate situation. One statistic reveals that nearly 25% of IT ticket repairs deal with printer issues. For most companies,  using an IT professional – whether that’s someone internally or an outside resource – is a very expensive way to fix a copier or printer.

Are you spending too much on your printing needs?

Are you spending too much on your printing goods? If you aren’t using an MPS system (Managed Print Services), the answer is probably “yes.”  Most companies are overspending by anywhere from 10% to 25% of the costs to generate documents. If we have caught your attention with that fact (and who doesn’t want to save money operating a business or organization), let’s talk.

Save on unnecessary down time!


You’re on a project with an impending deadline, and suddenly your copier flashes the “toner low” message. As you look at the fading print on the copies coming from the printer, you realize that you will need to interrupt this job, and possibly miss a deadline, in order to find a replacement cartridge. “If only I had known ahead of time,” you say to yourself.

MPS Tip: Consolidation within the print system


We’ve discussed how a Managed Print Services (MPS) system can reduce costs and improve efficiencies and productivity. There are a number of factors that contribute to these savings. One is consolidation within the print system. Think of MPS as a way to allow you to do more, with less.

Improving efficiencies with an MPS system


By quick review, the right equipment and technology of an MPS program can save a company between 15% and 25% of its annual printing costs. And those annual printing costs can amount to as much as 3% of a company’s annual budget. So there are strong savings to be had.