Your New Copier: Next Steps

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 01/15/2018 - 13:07
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Now that you’ve decided on a new copier, you probably think you just need to hand over your credit card and lug the machine back to your office, right? You definitely can, but there are some other things you might want to think about first.

What is a maintenance agreement?

If your vendor is offering a maintenance agreement, it’s a good idea to think it over before going with your gut reaction. Depending on the dealer, a maintenance agreement can cover any number of things in regards to your new equipment. It’s a contract between you and the vendor that stipulates their ongoing involvement with your new office equipment.

What does it cover?

The coverage of a maintenance agreement depends entirely on the vendor, but for the most part you can expect parts and labor as well as some supplies. Typically, a maintenance agreement does not cover supplies like paper or staples, nor will it cover problems that stem from misuse. Some agreements cover regular maintenance plus service calls and some include help desk support. It’s best to read the agreement thoroughly to see what is and is not covered.

Is it worth it?

If the maintenance agreement seems comprehensive enough and you have a good relationship with the vendor, it’s worth it to break down costs to ensure you get the most of it. If you are a small business that does not do a large amount of copying, the cost-benefit might not be worth it. But if you do a lot of copying, or if you lack the staff or time to deal with copier problems, it’s probably a good service for you. You can also break down the costs (especially factoring in included supplies like toner, if applicable) and the price of service calls to get a better idea of its cost benefit.

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