Understanding Office Equipment Leasing

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 12/12/2017 - 13:07
business equipment leasing concept

Thinking about getting new office equipment? If so, one possibility you might be considering is leasing the equipment. Leasing makes a lot of sense for certain businesses, as it offers a different means of obtaining needed equipment. Some reasons why companies choose to lease include:

  • The equipment is only needed on a temporary basis
  • The business needs to keep capital expenditures to a minimum
  • The business wants to keep available credit open for other expenses
  • The business does not have the cash flow to pay for new equipment
  • Automatic maintenance is appealing
  • Upgrades are included in the plan
  • Deductions on lease equipment

These are just a few of the appealing features for some businesses. If you find that your business might benefit from leasing, or if are ready to get started, here are some things to keep in mind as you find a copier dealer and enter into a lease agreement.


Many equipment leases include routine service. Be sure to find out if your chosen dealer offers this, and look elsewhere if they do not. Also, find out exactly how often you'll receive service if there are any additional fees associated with that, and what the service covers.

Long Term Plans

Upgrades are a huge appeal for a lease plan. Reputable dealers should offer equipment upgrades at certain intervals, and the upgrades should be beneficial. Find out how the dealer handles this. Additionally, if you're leasing due to a short-term job or other reason, make sure your agreement lets you return and stop charges when you're done.


In addition to your monthly lease, find out if there are additional fees that you should expect. The dealer should be completely transparent about total costs and where fees are assessed. If they are not, look elsewhere.


It's crucial that the dealer take security seriously. Find out how they handle returns of hard drives and let them help you ensure it's cleared out. Most copiers and other equipment store data on a hard drive, posing a security risk if you have a leased device. Understand this aspect early so you can take precautions.

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