A Not-So-Surprising Link Between Copiers and Smiles

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 02/20/2018 - 10:54
happy worker standing at open copier smiling, thumbs up

The truth about copiers is that they can either make everyone in your company miserable or make everyone feel happy and confident in their hard work. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to be sure that your copier is doing the latter--and here's why.

What You Don't See Can Hurt You

If you've had your existing copiers for awhile, then the chances are that you've gotten used to all of their little frustrations and flaws. Even your employees might not immediately notice; they just think that this is "how it is" and simply start to dread making copies. The good news is that this doesn't have to be the case. There are easy ways to tell if there's a link between copiers and frowns.

1: The copiers are always down.

If your employees spend longer fixing the copier than making copies, you know something is wrong. A copy machine doesn't have to be perfect, but it certainly shouldn't require maintenance and repairs all the time--because that's not just frustrating; it can also be expensive.

2: The copiers are slow.

Okay, so let's say your copiers are usually up and running--but they're so slow that it seems more like they're up and "walking." This is sure to frustrate your workers. In order to be efficient, you need both quality and speed, which means you need a copier that can keep up with high-volume jobs and high-speed needs.

3: The copiers are expensive.

If your energy and consumables bills are going up and your employees' satisfaction is going down, it's probably because your copiers are outdated. Old machines cost more and give less.

4: The copiers don't do what you need.

When a copier can't offer specific functions that your employees need to do their jobs, frustration is sure to follow. Don't let this happen to you--upgrade to a powerful, cost-efficient machine instead.

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