Is it Time to Upgrade your Copiers?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 09/25/2017 - 13:56
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No matter what your industry, your office equipment plays a key role in your everyday functions. And at some point, that equipment gets to a point where it isn’t doing its job or isn’t keeping up with the demands you place on it.

Your copiers are one example of important technology that has a finite lifespan. So how do you know when it’s time to upgrade or replace your copiers? Here are some considerations.

You Need Better Quality

Whether your fleet has recently declined in quality or you have a new need for higher quality, this is one key reason to think about making an upgrade. Today’s copiers have fantastic quality, even at lower price points, so there’s absolutely a copier out there that can give you precisely what you need.

You Want to Lower Costs

A new copier can be much more cost-effective, particularly if you have older devices that are not functioning efficiently. Additionally, upgrading your fleet is a great time to add services that can dramatically reduce your overall costs associated with copying and printing. Another option is to add a multifunction printer which can save you even more.

You Need Better Security

Newer copiers have the latest and greatest in security, so it’s a smart idea to consider how your equipment is (or isn’t) covering your security needs. With new copiers, you’ll get better options to reduce the chances of security breaches. Security features include blocking unauthorized usage, encryption, and more.

You Want to Increase Productivity

When it comes to office equipment like copiers, upgrading should enable your organization to be more productive. If you have seen a decline in productivity, or if you are making an effort to boost productivity, your office equipment is a good place to start. New copiers and multifunction devices offer means to enhance productivity in a number of ways – from reducing traffic jams at the copier to providing a better way to generate workflows.

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