2022 was our 50th anniversary at Bay Copy!

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As we welcome 2023, it’s also a fitting time for us to take a quick look back at 2022. It was a milestone year for us at Bay Copy, as we had the chance to celebrate our 50th anniversary!

We commemorated the anniversary with a gathering that included employees, family, friends and a number of local and state officials.

Our CEO Ray Belanger’s father, Ray Belanger Sr. first launched the company on April 1, 1972 under the name Bay State Business Products in Abington. When the company first opened its doors, Richard Nixon was the United States President; the average price of a house was $28,810, and later that year the Oakland Athletics won the World Series.

From the early days of selling duplicating machines and computers, Bay Copy today has grown to become a leading provider of Managed Print Services (MPS).  Our products include a full line of Konica Minolta, Toshiba, Muratec and Lexmark equipment, along with the supporting technology

Our CEO, Ray Belanger, has been a part of this family business for more than 40 years and its CEO for nearly three decades.

We are grateful to the many people who helped us celebrate our anniversary, including customers, friends, family and a number of elected and community officials.

We were also interested to discover that, even though many companies have been in existence longer than Bay Copy, we can claim greater longevity than some well known names of today, including Twitter, eBay, Amazon, Facebook, and even Microsoft.