Remote Monitoring

Regulate Printer Activity with Remote Monitoring

To keep productivity high in your workplace, you need the ability to observe how it’s functioning. When your printing supplies are running low, it’s good to know it and restock ahead of time. You also need to make sure people aren’t wasting your resources or printing more than is absolutely necessary.

Print Accounting

Control Costs with Print Accounting

Far too often, organizations don’t consider how much their printing costs them. A recent study by the Gartner Group found that companies spend an average of 1-3% on printing. That percentage can equal thousands of dollars. When you can’t keep track of your printing activity, those expenses can get up much higher than necessary.

Solutions / Services

Maximize Productivity with Bay Copy’s Solutions & Services

Bay Copy prides itself on being the #1 digital solutions provider in the region. We offer a variety of powerful document management solutions and services to help you:


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