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4 Reasons to Add Managed Print Services


When making any kind of change to your business, it’s crucial that you thoroughly vet the new service or provider. Ensuring that the change makes economical sense and adds value to your everyday operations are key factors, but oftentimes it takes implementation of a change to see the full range of possibilities – or the issues it creates.

Why Your Office Needs a Print Assessment


When you add a Managed Print service to your office, the first thing that you get is a print assessment. Do not be fooled by this simple sounding term: a print assessment is a comprehensive, complete look at your overall print environment. It’s what enables you to make huge changes to the way your business handles printing and it helps illuminate exactly how much you’re spending on print expenses. Thanks to the latter, it also lets you know just how much you can save with managed print.

Managed Print for the Legal Industry

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At Bay Copy, we design focused solutions for specific industry needs. One key example is the legal industry, which has particular requirements and issues that relate to document handling.

Managed Print is one of our services that can be tailored to the legal industry needs, and firms that add managed print see opportunities for streamlining costs, improving productivity, and enhancing security.

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