ProJet 5600

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3D Printer - Pro Multi Jet
Manufactured by:
Konica Minolta
The ProJet 5600 delivers large format, multi-material composite parts in a single build.


  • Superior part quality with multi-material composite printing. Deliver accurate, true to CAD parts with superior surface finish, sharp edges and fine details.
  • Chose from doxens of materials, that blends flexible and rigid photopolymers, layer by layer at the voxel level.
  • Exceptionally high throughput, with over 50% larger build volume with up to 2 x faster print speeds and up to 4 x faster post-processing than similar clas solutions.
Print prototypes with varying degrees of flexibility, transparency and differentiated shades in one part, giving your 3D Prints more realistic mechanical properties for large and small parts.