Our Guarantee

The Bay Copy Commitment

Guaranteed Performance or a Free Replacement. 7 Years or 4 Million Pages

Bay Copy stands behind its products, it’s as plain and simple as that. We guarantee you’ll get the same quality of reproduction each and every page for 7 years or 4 million impressions. Consider the strength of that guarantee! When you buy a new car, it’s usually 3 years (maybe 4 on luxury models). We offer 7.

If for any reason your digital copier/printer needs repairs that cannot be done in your office, we’ll provide you with a loaner at no charge. If your machine cannot be made to perform like new, we’ll replace it with a machine of equal or greater capacity absolutely free. What could be simpler than that?


One Hundred Good Reasons to Believe in our “Fast Repair Service” Promise

Our business has been built on delivering the highest level of service in the industry. We begin by selling products of only the highest quality. We back our products with a service team that will be there when you need us the most—If you need us at all. We pledge an on-site response time of less than five hours on emergency calls. If, for any reason, we are ever unable to meet this pledge, we’ll give you $100 credit on your next Bay Copy Invoice.

To find out more about how we guarantee service, contact us today!